Awesome Real Life “Adventure Time” Parody

Live action Finn and Jake are so freaking bad ass, it’s Algebraic!

Have you ever wondered how Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time series could get any weirder than it already is? I have and it’s haunted my every waking thought ever since. Luckily, the amazing FX duo over at Corridor Digital (Niko and Sam) must have had the same dilemma so they decided to take the show to a whole new level of strange… reality.

Calling it the “weirdest video they’ve made (to date)” Corridor Digital’s Adventure Time parody is truly off the wall with great fx that include Finn’s wiggly arms, Jake’s morphing ability. Want to know how they did it? Check out the Making Of video here.

Unbeknownst to many (or was it just me?), Niko and Sam have been releasing a string of seriously amazing short films on YouTube that include PRISM and DUBSTEP GUNS. Most recently they’ve posted a “Choose Your Adventure” style short called KNIGHTMARE that D&D fans will love.

Written by Rondal

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