The Weird World of Webcomics: John Wigger’s Zombie Roomie

A comic that’s all about “Living with the Living Dead.”

I once had a roomie who was a total slob – never did the dishes, threw his clothes everywhere, and refused to clean out the bathroom. It was mildly horrible, but I still got along with the guy so I guess I can kinda relate to John’s predicament in the webcomic Zombie Roomie.

John and George are friends, roommates, and confidants. The only thing is, George is a member of the undead and has an insatiable craving for human flesh. You see, in the world of Zombie Roomie regular folks and monsters co-exist and interact with each other on a day-to-day basis, never minding the occasional cannibalistic mass murder. And that’s sort of the charm.

For all the gore (usually implied) of the strip, creator John Wigger draws Zombie Roomie in a clean, cartoony style that could easily be found in your local funny pages. Wigger’s gags, however, span the spectrum of flat-out-gross to down-right-demented. It’s this dichotomy between Wigger’s cutesy art style and his horrific gags that help keep the humor consistently fresh and surprising.

Through all the maiming and flesh-eating of the comic, everyman John manages to be friends with his zombie roommate George. Maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere for all those who think they’re stuck in a crummy living (or un-living) situation. Perhaps you should just try to look past your roommate’s peculiarities and get to know the person within… just hope that the person within isn’t someone your roomie had for dinner!

Zombie Roomie updates three-times per week and can be read at

Written by Will Penny

Will Penny hails from the cornfields of Iowa, but calls the sunny beaches of Southern California his home these days. When he’s not out surfing you can probably catch him at a local coffee shop doodling away at another creepy picture for his webcomic Sex and Monsters.

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