“Freddy vs Jason vs Ash” Short Film Directed by Trent Duncan

Some of you may have noticed the new digs that went up over the weekend… alright, it’s actually just a new background for the site, but you have to admit it’s a really cool new background! I’ve been trying to ease myself into the Halloween spirit this year by not making any posts specifically geared towards the season until next month when the Countdown to Halloween kicks off, but man is it tough. Luckily, the nature of being a strange kid allows me to still celebrate the world of horror all year round so I decided to allow myself a little leeway on this one.

As I’m sure most of you are well aware, New Line Cinema (the studio behind some of horror’s most beloved icons) has teased fans for years about bringing the trifecta of their line-up (Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, and Ash Williams) to the silver screen. As time passed and speculation came and went, however, it became pretty apparent that we’d unfortunately never see the three-way throw down fans had held out hope for. Luckily not all was lost as Wildstorm released a Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comic miniseries in 2007 by writer/artist Jason Craig based on the original sceenplay for the proposed movie. The story was pretty awesome, but the charisma of these characters couldn’t really be captured in print… at least not in my mind.

Enter Trent Duncan (Jason vs Leatherface), an independent filmmaker who earlier this year released his own version of Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. The fan film obviously lacks the presence of the men behind the mask(s) (Englund, Hodder and Campbell) and is quite the low budget affair, but any excuse to see these titans take one another on is fine by me. Actually, I’ve got to give Duncan some credit for knowing his stuff with references to the history of each franchise interwoven in the plot. There’s also a bit of clever foreshadowing for the first kill… or at least it would be clever if it paid off, but the director strangely seems to drop it in favor for something straight out of left field. It’s all in good fun, though, so I suppose it’s okay. Fans will no doubt appreciate Duncan’s efforts.

Written by Rondal

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