The Weird World of Webcomics: Tara Normal

She’s like Nancy Drew with the brains of Velma Dinkley and the body of Daphne Blake.

The wild and wacky webcomic adventures of Tara Normal are anything but normal. Comic creator Howie Noel has crafted what he refers to as “an online super-sci-fi-action-mystery love story.” Yeah, I think that about covers it.

The eponymous Tara Normal is a spunky girl detective in the model of Nancy Drew with the brains of Velma Dinkley and the body of Daphne Blake. Only, the ghosts Tara hunts down are real.

So far Tara has “closed the file” on three “cases” and is currently in the middle of her fourth. Her investigations have led her into trouble with alien grave robbers (think Ed Wood meets the X-Files), a skeptic werewolf (who looks suspiciously like Ryan Reynolds), and a baby Cthulhu.

Tara Normal will especially appeal to readers who were around in the ‘80s. Much of Noel’s writing and humor reference such cultural icons as the Macho Man, Rainbow Bright, Horde Prime, Michael Jackson and Teen Wolf (or at least Teen Wolf’s dad). As an ‘80s kid I can appreciate a good Gizmo joke, but such humor may be lost on some of Noel’s younger readers.

Overall though, Noel handles the writing chores in a rhythmic and efficient manner, with colorful, stylized art that is reminiscent of something a carnival caricaturist might dream up. Every character has a unique look and personality that helps a reader connect to their personal drama – even if the drama is a 40-foot rampaging Teddy Roosevelt.

Noel’s other work includes the graphic novel Mr. Scootles and mini-comic Vincent. He’s also the staff cartoonist for TAPS Paramagazine. His Tara Normal webcomic updates weekly. For more information on Noel and to keep up on Tara’s adventures, check out

Written by Will Penny

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