“What Makes You a Strange Kid?” #9 featuring Metah-4 Genome

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What makes me a Strange Kid? Well, I have always been the girl with the odd taste. I love horror and action films, the more explosions the better! I enjoy a good indy comic. I watch BBC, The Hub and Chiller. My kids know all about Doctor Who and pride themselves on being able to explain the story plot behind Buffy The Vampire Slayer series.

My newest label of “strange” has come from my discovery of the Comic Con in NY. I have been going for the last two years and I have become progressively more… involved.

Year One:
I dressed in my fav Man of Steel colors and walked around taking pictures and bought a few things. I went on Saturday.

Year Two:
I created my own costume from scratch and went as Captain Marvel. I danced on the stage for the MJ Experience Game and planned to go for two days, but an illness in the family prevented me from going on Sunday.

This Year:
I will be going as a Steam Punk Aviator. Where’s the build up you ask? Well I did create my own style, yes, but this time I am in the process of building my own jetpack and revamping my son’s Nerf gun… Steampunk style! I didn’t stop there though, I will be going for three days instead of two and bringing the kids on the Sunday (barring any accidents this year). I am becoming a monster! I don’t know what will happen next year if I keep this up!

I am… a Strange Kid indeed.

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Written by Rondal

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