(Re)Animations: Moville Mysteries

“Keep your eyes peeled… and never let them smell your fear.”

Just when you think you’ve seen every supernatural-themed show on television, something like Moville Mysteries comes along and makes you praise the internet for being such a gracious provider of content that would have otherwise been inaccessible 10 years ago. With a visual style that mimics Klasky-Csupo (Rugrats, Ahh! Real Monsters) Moville Mysteries is a Canadian animated series created by Guy Vasilovich and produced by (you guessed it) Nelvana that featured the voice of Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle) as the title character, Mosley Moville.

Lasting two full seasons the show’s premise was similar to Eerie, Indiana in that every episode spotlighted a new mystery set in the twisted town of Ouigee Falls where “nothing is as normal as it appears.” It would then fall to Moville and his friends (Tommy “Hitch” Hitchcock and Mimi Valentine) to uncover the truth behind each eerie encounter. Aside from a meager DVD release to cash in on Halloween (Moville Mysteries: Trick or Tale – Twisted Classics), Moville and his gang have never made it to the US which is really quite a shame– it’s a perfect preparation for next month. Luckily, Youtube user techmode1234 has a few episodes uploaded for consumption.

Written by Rondal

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  • Sophie Bergers

    this series disurved the complete series box treatment like thee did for beetlejuice
    could we not make a petition for it?
    sins it really needs to get out there and be a thing