‘What Makes You a Strange Kid?’ #8 featuring Dick Greco

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As far back as I could recall, I’ve been addicted to horror. As a toddler I watched every Universal Monster flick with my pops, which then turned right into slashers and gore from age 6 to present. I remember my mom renting me Dead Alive at 7 years old, it still being X-Rated (haha). My DVD collection is 98% horror, and 2% action and comedy. My entire right arm is dedicated to the horror films I love, as it is covered in horror tats. I have “GORE” tattooed on my inner lip.

I love horror so much I went to Tom Savini’s Special Effects Make-Up School, and graduated in 2009, just to learn how to make gore professionally. Conventions are my vacations. Most guys have a big box of porn mags under their bed, I have Fango, Gorezone, Horrorhound, and Rue Morgue… I’ve even turned down hot chicks to sit in and watch movies. Nuff said. I live horror and Fright Rags is the only company that I clothe myself with. When people talk about me, I’m actually referred to as a “gore nerd”, and I’m VERY okay with that.

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Written by Rondal

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