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Celebrating the rare, obscure and esoteric world of VHS video!

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of being introduced to a fellow strange kid, Josh Schafer. Aside from being a fan of horror movies like Mother’s Day and The Gate, Schafer is also a collector of sorts. You name it and at one time or another the man has tried collecting it, everything from comics to trading but especially “rare, esoteric kind of media” like back bin VHS tapes. In fact, Schafer gets such a kick out of the “wonderful and weird world of the VHS format” that he decided to create a magazine for them!

The result is Lunchmeat Magazine, an off-beat, off-color commentary on hard-to-find flicks through reviews, interviews and features like Lunchmeat’s Double Vision and Strange But True!!. Alongside Schafer, Co-Editor Ted Gilbert and the ever-changing stable of contributing writers and artists have assembled a publication (5 issues) that recalls the early days of Fangoria mixed with the cult sensibilities of Cinema Sewer (minus the preoccupation of smut).

Highlights in Issue #5 alone include an illustrated Birth of Slithis comic by Gilbert and illustrator Putrid, an interview with film composer Tony Riparetti (Omega Doom, Cyborg, Dollman), and reviews for films ranging from “schlocomedies” like Frankenstein General Hospital to campy, low budget creepfests like Night Terror.

Unfortunately, the magazine has been out of print since Summer 2010 (though I believe back issues are available), but that doesn’t mean Schafer and his crew haven’t been busy. In fact, they announced this past August that they’d be teaming up with The Monster Channel for a new series called LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATRE to unearth forgotten 80s horror films.

From the official press release:

Lunchmeat is beyond thrilled to be teaming up with The Monster Channel to to bring LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATRE to the mass of Videovores,” said Josh Schafer, editor of Lunchmeat magazine. “When I started Lunchmeat, the prime objective was to reach out to all who still cared about the forgotten horror gems on the VHS format and share them, keep them alive. And by running these flicks on MCTV, these pictures have the chance to reach a worldwide audience. It’s a very exciting project and I’m just overjoyed that we’re able to put these obscure pieces cinema in front the people that care about them on a virtually massive level.”

The series is scheduled to makes its debut late Summer/early Fall with (appropriately enough) the 1987 film that gave the magazine its name, Lunchmeat. I was unable to find out whether or not the series has already premiered so I’m assuming it will be later this Fall before its unveiled.

Written by Rondal

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  • That sounds fantastic. Too bad I can’t mail them some of the wacky ones I have…

    • I bet they’d accept some freelance articles for either the blog or the magazine. I’m curious… what are some of the wackiest you’ve have?

      • Mostly old kung-fu movies and random American karate and ninja movies. Sho Kosugi’s 9 Deaths of a Ninja stands out in my brain… I should say HAD and not HAVE though, because I went looking for them yesterday only to realize that they all got tossed when I moved last year. Probably for the best. I’ve moved on to watching weird bargain bin DVDs like Slime City and Alien Contamination recently… exploding bodies? Yes please.

  • Very cool!! Can’t wait for the series to start.