Elusive Ecto-Cooler Recipe Revealed?

Homemade recipe for Ecto Cooler just in time to practice for Halloween!

The mid to late 80s represent the bulk of my memories from childhood, from films like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to Aliens and, yes, even Cannon Films’ Masters of the Universe. It was also a great time to be a Ghostbusters fan with both films and a popular animated series (The Real Ghostbusters) proving to be pretty damn popular. Merchandising tie-ins came quick and along with the scores of comics, apparel and action figures came Hi-C’s famous Ecto-Cooler drink.

Strangely enough, the drink has become almost as well-known and popular as the films and cartoon that spawned it with countless articles dedicated to it like this one from X-Entertainment’s Matt Caracappa. According to Wikipedia, Ecto-Cooler even continued to be release well into the early millennium (2001) going by the pseudonym of Shoutin’ Orange Tangerine. Since then Ghostbusters fans have tried to recreate the nostalgic concoction with varying degrees of success, but recently Strange Kids Club member Devin gave me a tip that someone at the Ghostbusters: Chicago Division had actually cracked the Ecto-Cooler code. Naturally, I had to try it for myself; two days and $15 later I’m happy to say that it worked (sorta)!

Ecto Cooler Recipe – Makes One Gallon

2-quart line of Orange Kool Aid
1-quart line Countrytime Lemonade (Reg or Pink)
3/4 Cup Orange Juice (No Pulp)
3/4 Cup Tangerine Juice
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
Green food coloring

Note: I’ve listed all of the ingredients I used here, though there were a few extra ingredients listed in the original recipe.

Step one

Using a one gallon container, pour in orange juice and tangerine juice.

Step two

Next, pour in the Orange Kool Aid and Countrytime Lemonade mix. Stir. (Note: According to GBCD, “the lemonade is used to make the mixture slightly more bitter to give it the zing the original Ecto-Cooler had. You may have to adjust to get it to your taste.”)

Step three

Add water to the gallon marker on container and add sugar. Stir until dissolved.

Step four

Finally, add food coloring. Since I was unable to find Red and Blue food coloring like GBCD used, but the Green coloring worked pretty well in their absence. The result wasn’t the authentic Ecto-Cooler green, but a light orange/green mixture. Still, the taste is amazing!

So good... it's almost "possessed."

Written by Rondal

Rondal is the Editor-in-Chief of Strange Kids Club and a creative instigator who tackles each day with Red Bull-induced enthusiasm and a mind for adventure. Rondal has written for other sites including Rue Morgue, Fuel Your Illustration and Bloodsprayer. His obsession with horror movies, 80s animation and action figures is considered unhealthy by medical professionals.

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  • A-mazing! I’m totally going to have to try this.

    • Rondal

      It’s pretty sweet. I couldn’t get the color right (tried it twice), but the taste is pretty damn close. 😀

  • I….I can now die a happy man. This is excellent! I first saw this over on the Cinema Snob’s website, and I couldn’t believe it…..I can once again drink Ecto-Cooler…I….need a moment….

    • Luke

      Why do companies take good things like Ecto Cooler away?

      • It’s a real shame. You’d think that they’d at least offer it during months like October when the nostalgia for them would be at their peak. :/

  • reposting this on my site. NOSTALGIA!

  • Shawn

    There is not Ecto-Cooler here there is only zuul

  • now how can this be made into an acholic beverage?

    • Rondal

      Haha… I’ve seen few recipes for alcoholic Ecto-Cooler, but never tried it. I’m assuming we could slip some J&B in this recipe for quite the kick. 😉

      • Joe douglas

        Whoever made this recipe has got it right on it tastes exactly how i remember it!! kudos to you!!!!

    • calciferboheme

      vodka or gin, I guess.

    • Boo bear

      Add Patron.

  • Boo bear

    For the color, you just have to add more green. It will seem like a LOT.