Web Series Wednesdays: Voyage Trekkers

“These are the voyages that don’t make the Captain’s log.”

Going from last week’s stone age vibe to sci-fi, this week’s featured web series, Voyage Trekkers, by Squishy Studios and writer/director Nathan Blackwell is another sci-fi parody that takes a few loving jabs at franchises like Star Trek. Starring a core cast of three; Adam Rini as Captain Sunstrike, Gabrielle Van Buren as Doctor and Logan Blackwell as Commander Powell, the series spotlights the most embarssing moments of their space adventures together from offending alien races to the unintentional homicide of innocent civilians.

Currently in its first season, Voyage Trekkers is being released in 10 episode segments with a new one airing every week on Squishy Studios official YouTube page. Blackwell’s writing and appreciation for the genre really comes through in the series, despite its self-deprecating humor. In fact, he describes it as a

..love letter to the science fiction. It’s a genre I’ve been wanting to tackle for a long, long time because I just love it. There’s so much imagination required because everything has to be designed and created. You really get an opportunity to dream up an entire universe of characters and worlds. Plus I wanted to do a show that was one hundred percent about comedy. The show is very much in the vein of Star Trek, following around a captain and his crew, but we wanted to have the freedom to pepper in elements of Flash Gordon or Star Wars. The stories cover a wide range of familiar sci-fi genre conventions and encounters… but faced by the worst crew in the galaxy.

Written by Rondal

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