On the Shelves: DVD Releases for Aug 23, 2011

Some of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases for this week.

Troll Hunter
Troll Hunter – From Norway, this thing has been a huge international art house hit (well, as big as an art house hit can be, I guess). Check out the trailer here. The premise of this faux documentary is that fantasy creatures like fairies, trolls and monsters exist, but are kept hidden by the government. A government “troll hunter” allows a film crew to come along while he hunts and kills dangerous trolls. Yes, this is another “found footage” movie, but the premise is intriguing at least.

Cold Fish
Cold Fish – This movie has been getting some buzz overseas. It potentially sounds horrifying. Check out the trailer. A teenage girl is caught stealing and a seemingly nice middle aged man offers to help resolve the situation by having her work at his fish store. This shoves the girl’s family into a horrific series of events when the middle aged man turns out to not be what he appeared to be.  The Japanese sure know how to do horror.

William Beaudine collection
Shockorama: The William Beaudine Collection – Yes! Awesomely bad Z-movie classics. Billy the Kid vs Dracula and Jesse James and Frankenstein’s Daughter. I actually reviewed Billy the Kid vs Dracula for Billy the Kid Week last year on my blog. It’s terrible (the movie, not my blog). And not awesomely terrible, just f**king terrible. I love the concept though.  I loved the concept so much that I took the time to recast the movie myself and create a poster. I really think that premise should be re-visited. It’s awesome. I’ve never seen the other movie, but I plan on watching it ASAP.

Rounders – I love this movie. It features two of my favorite actors (Damon and Norton) along with a hit list of other awesome actors like Martin Landau, John Malkovich and John Tuturro. Love, love, love this movie and I’d love to see a sequel (which has been talked about) or another movie pairing Damon and Norton.

Roger Corman Sword and Sorcery
Roger Corman Sword & Sorcery Collection – I have not seen any of these. However, I’ve heard of Deathstalker II. The trailer is here.  These movies are supremely cheesy, but usually tons of fun.

Tom and Jerry and Wizard of Oz
Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz – This is a brand new movie, not some lost WB classic cartoon.  However I love the idea of this.  Tom and Jerry and their zaniness completely terrorizing the land of Oz.  Love it.  And I will watch it.

Written by Paxton Holley

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  • Dex

    Oh God, the Shockorama movies…no! I’ve seen them once and hope I never have to again!

  • I haven’t seen any of the Shockorama movies before, but Corman is always good for a laugh… then a cry.

  • That Barbarian collection is well worth the buy…I love me some B level Conan knock-off movies, and they sure put together a good set of ’em!