Printed Perversions: ELDRITCH! #2

Exposing the tentacled hand that rocks the cradle of Cthulhu.

In our first look at Drew Rausch and Aaron Alexovich’s limited comic series, ELDRITCH!, we were introduced to the weird world of Anya and Owen– one filled with nerdish humor and Lovecraftian horror. Launched in July, the creative duo’s second issue continues this balance of neurotic comedy, but takes it to a slightly darker place with the addition of “evil” nerd cultists and an otherworldly demon baby.

Picking up from last issue ELDRITCH #2 finds the brother and sister duo attending a gathering of the Order of Tongues, worshipers of The Mad Arkaan, who also happen to be Owen’s friends. It’s clear from the genre references littered throughout this issue that Rausch and Alexovich are having a blast creating the “fake mythology” for the Order, whose slap-happy leader also happens to be Owen’s best friend, Chaston. The creators delve a little deeper into Owen’s inner conflict with his sister this issue as well and reveal how his childhood jealousy may have played a part in his current situation as a (seemingly) immortal vessel for some freak nasty brand of evil.

Later on, the mystery of baby Skyler is revealed, further proof that the quirky Newbarns family is not all they appear to be, as the siblings unleash the… whatever the hell it is… from it’s box. Yes, there is a demon baby in a box this issue and thanks to Rausch’s inky artwork it’s one of the creepiest infants this side of Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead. Actually, with top notch quality from both creators, ELDRITCH! continues to be one of my favorite comic series indie or otherwise– a literal steal for only .99 cents per issue!

Written by Rondal

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