Freddy Krueger Joins the Killer Krew of Mortal Kombat!

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but hell… who would have thought this day would ever come? You might remember the rumblings of a fan-developed fighting game that featured the world’s most infamous horror icons called Terrordrome which, unfortunately, has seen its fair share of pitfalls.

However, this latest news by is nothing short of brain-splattering cool. True to their word, the crew at NetherRealm have been churning out some stellar DLC content for owners of the latest MK reboot including fan-favorites such as Kenshi, Rain, and even the lesser known Skarlet.

However, one DLC character has been kept hidden in shadow until now and there was good reason why as it was revealed to be none other than Freddy (f*cking) Krueger ! On the downside, it appears that this is the more recent incarnation of the character so there’s none of Englund’s quick-witted quips, but still… it’s FREDDY KRUEGER in a MORTAL KOMBAT game– with FATALITIES!!

The privilege to play as the king of nightmares will only cost fans a mere $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points) at should be ready for release on August 9. You can bet my gaming fingers will be itching to learn all the character’s grisly moves until then.

A BIG thanks to SK club member Joe Hasson for pointing this out over on our Facebook page.

Written by Rondal

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