“The Red, White, and Blue Come Through” in 16-Bit Captain America: Shield of Justice

It would seem as though Marvel is pulling out all the stops this summer between the posthumous premiere of Thor and the anticipated release of Captain America, both of which have received a slew of promotional tie-ins and related merchandise. The most fun being Marvel.com’s 16-bit online games that I for one hope they continue with for Spider-Man and The Avengers.

As they did with Thor: Bring the Thunder, Captain America: Shield of Justice is a simplified side-scrolling game with two main attacks and one powerhouse move that’ll clear the screen in a parade of red, white, and blue (really just blue… maybe more of an aqua). The enemies in this game seem a little tougher than in Thor, but that may be due to Cap’s fighting ability as well. Oddly enough, Cap can only use his mighty shield for defense while kneeling. While this might’ve made sense in the previous game, having a more mobile sort of block here seems like a no-brainer.

Speaking of enemies, Shield of Justice pits players against the hordes of HYDRA and the diabolical forces of Arnim Zola, Baron von Strucker, and the Red Skull as you track down and rescue your missing comrades, The Howling Commandos. Its exactly the same setup as Thor with different characters, but the game still seems different enough to be fun to play. Besides… when is b*tchsmacking pixelated Nazis around with a shield not considered fun?

You can play Captain America: Shield of Justice for FREE on Marvel.com– click here.

Written by Rondal

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