Gird Your Loins! Matthew Allison’s “Calamity of Challenge” Has Arrived

Conquer the Challenge!

Illustrator and fellow strange kid, Matthew Allison, has opened the flood gates and unleashed his psychological superhero insanity upon the world in printed form. That’s right, the webcomic that Mike Allred (Madman, Red Rocket 7) called “Pure rock & roll on paper” is now available for sale on Allison’s blog, Calamity of Challenge #127.

Witness the fleshy “mass of gristle and bone” known as Cankor and his friends (The Root Beast, Cobraxe, Rondo, Dr. Error, Skulllady, Meltor, and the incorrigible Greif-Deliverer) as they fight the forces of and rock the f*ck out! Behold the fearsome creature known as The Midas Grub and get ready to party with Rage-Or, The Living Party! That’s 24+ pages of full color, hand-bound, extra gooey goodness and more all for only $7 bucks!

Still not convinced? Check out the first 5 pages below:

Written by Rondal

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