Joe Madureira Returns to Marvel for “Avenging Spider-Man” in November

Hot off the presses over at Comic Book Resources is the shocking news that Joe Madureira will be returning to Marvel Comics this November. Actually, the press announcement was for November-debuting series Avenging Spider-Man which Madureira will illustrate with Zeb Wells (Robot Chicken) on scripts… but still, it’s great getting to see some new MAD! artwork.

The series itself is reported to focus more on Spidey’s Avengers-centric adventures throughout the Marvel Universe and promises “super action movie of Spider-Man every month” according to Wells. Apparently the Red Hulk gets the honors of the new series debut storyline which will span the first three issues and features an encounter with the Mole Man and his Moloids. Wells also commented that this will be the kind of book “where you could see Spidey leave New York City for a while” when asked about the potential of inter-dimensional travel (fun stuff!).

Check out some of the early sample pages for the series below:

Written by Rondal

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