Ryan O’Leary’s “Y: The Last Man” Fan Film

Although I’ve never actually read Brian K. Vaughan’s much-lauded Y: The Last Man, I’m fairly familiar with the premise of the series wherein a mysterious plague wipes out all male life on the planet… with only two exceptions, an illusionist named Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand (also male). The storyline that follows sees Yorick on the road in search of his girlfriend, Beth, with a variety of female antagonists in tow.

This past April director Ryan O’Leary released a 30-minute fan film starring James Kuck as Yorick alongside hotties Krystel Bua and Elysia Segal (both named Beth). Despite its focus solely on the relationship between Yorick and Beth (both of them), the short makes one hell of a case for an ongoing drama television series, which is even more impressive considering that O’Leary (21) shot the entire film in the span of three days (via Three Village Patch).

The only element noticeably absent which could have brought things over the top (and probably well over budget) is Yorick’s capuchin companion, Ampersand. I’m not sure what role Ampersand plays in the book, but considering capuchin’s are among the most intelligent types of monkeys I could see an endless source of entertainment potential there.

Written by Rondal

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