Vincentennial Wrap-Up and Linksploitation

I figured it would be a good way to go out on our Vincentennial celebration with a wrap-up of everything we’ve showcased this year along with a few new remembrances and what better way to kick things off than with my favorite single from the band Wednesday 13, The Ghost of Vincent Price!

The fan video also captures some classic Price films as well so there you go. By the way, the “old lady scene” around the 3 minute mark? Scared the sh*t outta me.

Vincent Price’s Housemate

Next up, club member Devin shared a pretty funny parody video called Vincent Price’s Housemate.

It’s a spoof on the film The Last Man on Earth starring a crudely drawn “Average Joe” as he tries to reason with his “classically trained horror-movie actor” housemate, Vincent Price. Well worth the 3 minutes or so it’ll take to watch.

Vincent To My Ears

Another club member, Tom from Uramyx also submitted a Vincentennial entitled Vincent To My Ears *Vincent Price Special* .

Highlights include Price’s voicework as the classic Disney villain Professor Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective, a cameo in Tim Burton’s Vincent, some classic Price film references, and a pretty cool video interview from 1982.

Shawn Remembers Vincent Price

Shawn, from Branded in the 80s also submitted an awesome slice of Vincentennial nostalgia this week in Shawn from ‘Branded in the 80s’ Remembers Vincent Price.

Shawn covers his first encounter with the master of macabre, but also mentions that it was really the Price off of the silver screen that he really connected to including Price’s passion for cooking and fine art.

Co-Star, the Record Acting Game! w/ Vicent Price

In our latest edition of Head Games we discovered the relic known as Co-Star, the Record Acting Game!.

As one of the only Price-themed games ever made, his endorsement of Milton Bradley’s Hangman (1976) aside, Co-Star may not be much fun but it sure does make it easy to poke fun.

Vincent Price and the Origin of Michael Jackson’s Thriller

SKC contributor Paxton Holley, Cavalcade of Awesome, offered up his Price worthy memories.

He even dropped some knowledge about the Origin of Michael Jackson’s Thriller that was completely news to me.

Egghead (Batman)

Although he was considered a master of horror, Price also had a lighter side that was just as talented and fun to watch. Luckily, fans got to see this side of the actor thanks to his role as Egghead, the super intelligent villain for the 60s era Batman tv series.

It would even seem that the character has seen a bit of a resurgence in the past year or so thanks to Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Cooking Price-Wise with Vincent Price

In an edition of Lost Signals that seems determined to stay lost (unfortunately for us), Cooking Price-Wise with Vincent Price saw the actor following his secondary passion as a fan of the culinary arts.

Thanks to DEX for supplying an audio clip remix from one of Price’s audio cooking tapes.

Vincent an Ghoul

Going all the way back, we started this Vincentennial with an ode to my first memory of the man… Vincent van Ghoul!

Sure it may have not been Price himself, but it was his voice and it’s a role that many fans seem to remember pretty fondly (that little douche Scrappy-Doo aside). I was also happy to discover that van Ghoul has also been re-inserted into the mainstream recent thanks to Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

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