Head Games: Co-Star, the Record Acting Game! w/ Vicent Price (1977)

Okay, I’m reaching waaay back on this one, but I thought it would be a nice tie-in for our Vincentennial this week so bear with me. After searching for hours for any sign of a Vincent Price-themed game I finally came upon the relic known as Co-Star: the Record Acting Game!.

An acting-based game from the 70s, Co-Star is much like it sounds. Essentially you are cast alongside a given Hollywood star (this case being Vincent Price) in a series of audio vignettes from various movies and/or literary classics. Sounds fun, right? …only if you’re a drama major with no real friends I guess.

Although I was only able to find one track from the Vincent Price version of the “game” it’s quite clear that there was not much effort put into these things. Don’t get me wrong, Price does the best he can given the material and a lack on any real set or co-performers, but you get the sense that it’s more like he’s rehearsing in front of a mirror than interacting with the you. I also found it pretty weird that someone named Ed Stokes (the basketball player?) is the narrator for the record. Why not just cast Vincent to do that as well? Go figure.

Side One features 4 different segments (The Governor’s Son, Long Engagement, An Enemy of the People, The Gambler) as does Side Two (Love Affair, The Importance of Being Earnest: Part 1, The Importance of Being Earnest: Part 2, Marissa). After my many hours of scouring the internets I was only able to find one of these (see above). Of course, without the script to accompany the track it’s difficult to actually “play” the game, but I felt it appropriate to just make up my own dialogue and encourage you to do the same… it’s much more entertaining that way.

Written by Rondal

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