Lovecraftian Horror/Comedy ‘ELDRITCH!’ Returns this June!

Fans of Lovecraft rejoice!

The Lovecraft Mythos are set to get a modern revitalization this June in the pages of ELDRITCH!, a tale of cosmic terror courtesy of indie creators Drew Rausch ( Cthulhu Tales, Sullengrey, Strange Kid Comix Anthology #1) and Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose, Kimmie66, Fables).

This isn’t the first time, however, that Rausch and Alexovich have collaborated on the title– it was actually one of the winners of DC Comic’s now defucnt Zuda competition. Undeterred by such an untimely demise the two creators have joined forces once more to raise ELDRITCH! back from the grave like an Outer God rising from the dark realms and they’ve offered us a sneak peek of the madness that is soon to be unleashed.

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Official Press Release:
ANYA SOBCZEK is a snarling science major with an arm full of Darwin tattoos. Her brother OWEN is a sensitive young thing in a coven of teenage occultists. The Sobczek sibs have always been brutally competitive, but now that Owen’s blood has started BUBBLING with ancient tentacled abominations, their rivalry’s about to enter a vast new dimension of cosmic terror…

Starting JUNE 15th, 2011, ELDRITCH! will be released in six 24-page installments every sixth week to every digital device known to God, Man, and Shoggoth alike, including your desktop, iPad/iPod/iPhone, Android, Nook, Kindle, and eNecronomicon (pending). The issues will be priced at $0.99 each, and the first nine pages are available for FREE DOWNLOAD right now.

ELDRITCH! will be available not only through the fearsome and comiXology apps, but direct from the artists in PDF format at the official ELDRITCH! site.

You have waited long enough, Elder Things. Thank you to everyone who helped push ELDRITCH! to victory in 2010, and we hope to drive you all to gibbering madness in 2011. By all means, help spread the infection!

Written by Rondal

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