“What Makes You a Strange Kid?” #5 featuring Tom Stewart

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So some time ago, I went on a mad spree where I felt like my youth was escaping me. In a desperate attempt to recapture it, I went on a hunt for every single TV show I watched when I was growing up. Ultimately, it did not make me feel any better about any of this as I swiftly realized a lot of these TV shows were either extremely old now, or off the TV completely.

But in the attempt to find old TV shows and mid 90s nostalgia I stumbled accross something extremely interesting to me. Around the same time I joined Twitter, there was a suggestion given to me based on my recent searches and tweet subjects… Strange Kids Club. This little treasure trove has got to be one of the best ever groupings of all things early to mid 90’s kids TV, comic books, Horror/B-movies/80s-90s films, weird and wonderful animation, old toys, games and loads more. There is actually so much nostalgia built up in this one place, that it really needs to be seen to be believed.

I could not highly recommend this site any more… well I could, by simply saying if you are as big a fan of the above as I am, then you HAVE TO go check it out. This site has brought so many great memories to the surface again. [It] made me laugh and cringe and stare in sheer amazement all in one sitting.

Strange Kid… we salute you! Thank you!

For Tom’s full strange kid testimonial, check out his blog URAMYX.

Written by Rondal

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