16-Bit Thor ‘Brings da Thunda’ in Marvel’s Online Video Arcade

As this is officially Thor Thursday for many fans (and the site is finally back up- woot!) I thought that you guys would love this, I know I do.

In the vein of last year’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game retro-stylized video game for consoles, Marvel has just released a brand new online game called Thor: Bring the Thunder. And yes, it is quite awesome– a little “cutesy,” but nonetheless awesome. Definitely geared towards younger players, the game is fun enough for anyone to play, besides… it’s Thor… in all his 16-bit, ever-loving glory! Moreso than Scott Pilgrim, the gameplay for Thor: Bring the Thunder is just like Mega Man only minus the stage select after every boss battle.

Believe it or not... this is one of the small bosses.

Speaking of which, though they may be limited, the bad guys in this game are freaking huge – a good 5 times the size of Thor – and they all stand in the way of your quest. At your disposal are a limited number of power-ups and a special “lighting-strike” super move that take the form of golden apples and thunder bolts. Thor is even able to jump a little higher than other characters as he does in the comics.

You can play Thor: Bring the Thunder for FREE on Marvel.com– click here.

via ComicsAlliance

Written by Rondal

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  • okay, i am not sure where to put this, i just got the “Strange Kid Anthology” and i have one complaint… it was not long enough! [kidding]…

    i laughed, i cried, i cringed, read it twice but i loved it… refreshing it was yes, refreshing. great job putting the beastie together… i look forward to the next installment!

    jeremy [iZombie]

    • Strange Kid

      Hahaha, thanks Jeremy! 90% of the credit goes to all of the awesome artist who donated their time and effort into making it happen.

      I’m looking to get issue #2 put together in time for October this year and am currently working on coordinating everything… keep your severed fingers crossed. 😀

  • crossed they are! i am not kidding it was a refreshing read… loved the vintage modern look and feel… alas, poor he-man!