Hominid-Cryptid Crimefighters, Viper Comic’s Reveals the ‘Missing Linx’

In preparation for it’s debut, publisher Viper Comics was cool enough to offer up a digital copy of their latest trade paperback for review, Missing Linx. Written by Dale Mettam (Cemetary Street) with art courtesy of Courtney Huddleston, Missing Linx follows a team of hominid-cryptid “superheroes” that include a Bigfoot, a Sasquatch, a Yeti, and a Skunk Ape (yes, there is a difference) as they battle the forces of Dr. Erasmus Q. Bedfellow and his host of mythological creatures.

Mettam has all of the standard archetypes at play here with each character possessing a signature trait (the smart one, the tough one, the leader, etc), though the author does manage to throw us a few curveballs– such as hinting that the “missing linx” are actually from another dimension. The mash-ups of mythological creatures are a nice touch as well, but tend to come across nothing more than foot soldiers instead of legendary beasts (a Sasquatch can take on a giant cylops? Really?!).

From the start Mettam makes his introductions fast and loose with our human eyes and ears, the Crockett family (kinda like Harry and the Hendersons), going from a family camping trip in the woods to being chased by a Manticore and making friends with the Missing Linx. The action never really stops until the end credits, leaving little room for characterization outside of the way each character speaks. It’s actually right in the vein of an extended episode of the original Teenage Mutant Turtles cartoon or Jay Stephens more recent The Secret Saturdays show– a feeling that is reinforced thanks to Huddleston’s artwork.

Overall Missing Linx is a book that will make a mighty fine gift to younger readers or hardcore hominid-cryptid collectors everywhere, but readers looking for more of a blood-soaked monster brawl be a little disappointed by the lack of actual bloodletting that these monsters could have lent themselves too.

Still, for the interested, I would recommend checking out Viper’s virtual bookstore (click here). They’ve got tons more great titles including Battle Smash Vs. The Saucermen From Venus and Inspector Gadget!

Written by Rondal

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