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“What Makes You a Strange Kid?” #4 featuring Nick Newberg

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April 25, 2011


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“I’m a strange kid. I even tagged the name ‘Strange’ for over 5 years. Yes I’m only sixteen, but I don’t belong in this generation. I have a passion for the obscure and the weird. I live life like I’m still in the 90’s and I’m obsessed with old school Nickelodeon (I was only born in 94!). I have a massive collection of classic nick shows– tons of episodes of Kenan and Kel, Rugrats, Rocko, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Aaah! Real Monsters and more. I also make stencils based off many Nick characters.

I strictly listen to 90’s hip-hop; Native Tongues type stuff. I play Dungeons and Dragons, but not ‘regular’ Dungeons and Dragons. It’s AD&D, the original 1970’s version and I don’t know any other kid who plays that. I’m an avid artist. I consider myself a skilled graffiti artist, painter and sculptor. I create Munnys, collect comic books and design tiny structures. I am very fascinated with living in a tiny dwelling. I believe we can all live comfortably in a small space. This can be achieved through multipurpose and clever solutions, it’s like solving a jigsaw puzzle. I’m putting this tiny lifestyle to the test by attempting to live in the family’s SUV for a week. I put an air-matress in the back and I’ll just jump from place to place while stealing free internet.

Another big interest of mine is urban exploration. I love exploring the secret, sometimes abandoned places around me to learn more about my environment’s culture and history. I have recently compiled a map of more than 100+ secret places in the local Los Angeles area. I also enjoy Geocaching, a global gps scavenger-hunt type game which I have been playing for about a year. I am super interested in emerging media and the integration of technology in location-based games. I feel a little ostracized from my peers because my generation tends to bury themselves in the fake world of technology and social networking. Some people find me a little wacky; but hey, that’s just me and I love it.”

Nick Newberg

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  • Jose Cruz

    Now this sounds like someone I could chat with over a glass of pumpkin juice. Thanks for contributing, Nick! And high fives for digging Old Skool Nickelodeon!

  • Strange Kid

    I’ve never tried Geocaching before, but I’ve heard a bit about it. Sounds like an awesome collaborative game, kinda like an old school treasure hunt everybody shares.