The More You Know: Mystery of Mortal Kombat’s ‘Toasty!’ Revealed

Ok, so for hardcore fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise this little tidbit might not be that much of a “reveal,” but for those of you like me this knowledge changes a commonly held misconception I’ve had for the past ten years. You might remember a running gag that began back in Mortal Kombat II where an image would pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen at (seemingly) random intervals to yell “Whoopsie!” For YEARS I thought that face belonged to Double Dare host, Marc Summers… turn out I was wrong on two accounts.

Left: Marc Summers, Right: Not Marc Summers (Dan Forden)

Not only is that “easter egg” NOT Marc Summers, he also says “Toasty!” and not “Whoopsie!” Seems that the running gag is, in fact, an inside joke featuring Sound Designer Dan Forden that was programmed to appear for a “particularly vicious uppercut.” The gag would continue in subsequent games and has even been confirmed for the latest reboot due out today. Consider this myth busted… but it will always be “Whoopsie!” to me.

Written by Rondal

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  • Oh man I was like the MK 2 king back in the day! Love MK in general. They should add Marc Summers as a special character for the next game simply because if this post!

    Yes I remember you had to hold down both joysticks and press start (i think) when “Toasty” popped up to fight Smoke in a special battle. He was fast as hell and would throw you all over the place. If I met Smoke when I was Scorpion, he was “toast” though.

  • I thought the exact same thing when I was younger! Makes sense though doesn’t it? Character gets the snot kicked out of them… that’s a definite “Whoopsie!” on their part!

  • LaDracul

    I definitely thought they should’ve put that in the movie, instead having Adam Sandler pop up and say it…

    • Hahaha… now that I would’ve paid to see. 😀

  • That’s a pretty hilarious mistake! I think we need to sneak Marc Somers into a game somewhere haha

    • Strange Kid

      I believe a DLC Marc Summers character would suffice for me… cause Marc kicks *ss. ‘Nuff said.

  • I saw a comment elsewhere that said they thought it was Jim Carrey. FWIW, it always sounded like “whoopsie” to me, too.