Lost Signals: Boy Meets World – Ep. 106

With the fourth installment of Scream being released, I wanted my first participation to the site to be something related to this classic series. So I thought, what better topic could I possibly write about than Boy Meets World!

We should all remember this classic TGIF show Boy Meets World; a family friendly, high-school sitcom starring Ben Savage (brother of The Wonder Years‘ Fred Savage) as Cory Matthews– the main character and said boy who spends each episode “meeting the world.” Along with his best friend Shawn Hunter (Rider stronger from Cabin Fever), his girlfriend Topanga (Danielle Fishell from recently-canceled Talk Soup rip-off show, The Dish) and his brother Eric (Will Friedle); he tackled everyday life problems. The show lasted a total of seven seasons between 1993 to the early 2000’s, each one of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

You may be asking, “What the hell does Boy Meet’s World have to do with Scream? I would have to first respond by saying “no reason to be rude,” then I would explain that as a kid I always wanted to see Scream when it first came out, but due to being a child there was no way i would have been able to. Luckily, during the show’s fifth season, the show did very funny episode in the style of the teen slasher films of the late 90s called And Then There Was Shawn. It even guest starred then-slasher hottie Jennifer Love Hewitt as Jennifer Love Fefferman!

By this point in the series Cory and Topanga had a serious breakup, which deeply affected everyone around them. After an argument in class Mr. Feeny (William Dianiels of Knight Rider and St. Elsewhere) forces everyone to stay for after school detention, only to soon discover that they are trapped in the school with a killer. This episode was easily my favorite of the series; it was funny, scary, and surprisingly violent for a family show. So, in my first act as a newly inaugurated member of the Strange Kid Society I offer this PG tale of terror, enjoy and be sure to go see Scream 4 in theaters now– you can bet I will.

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  • Dex

    This was the first episode of BMW I ever saw and I think also my introduction to JLH as well! I kept watching BMW and will always flip it on when I find it.