Printed Perversions: IDW’s Infestation features zombies, vampires, Transformers and Star Trek

IDW Infestation 01Comics publisher IDW is in the midst of a very ambitious crossover event. They are currently attempting to weave a zombie virus outbreak story through four of their geekiest titles. The event is called Infestation and it involves a zombie virus taking over the four realities of the publisher’s nerd-savvy properties: The Ghostbusters, Star Trek, The Transformers and G.I. Joe. So while we may not see James T Kirk try to Judo chop Snake Eyes in the neck or The Ghostbusters trying to recruit Autobot Rachet as Ecto-5 (yes, there was an Ecto-2 through Ecto-4), we will see all these characters battling the same zombie virus as it slowly tries to infect each universes it enters.

Now, personally, I think zombies may be a bit played right now.  While it was awesome two years ago, DC’s never-ending Blackest Night/Brightest Day story arc needs to end.  However, Walking Dead is doing it right both in the comics and on TV and the fun of watching the crew of the Starship Enterprise, or the Cobra organization, battle an undead virus is almost too awesome to think about.  The storyline for Infestation began in Infestation #1 (insert left) which was released this past January.

I read Infestation #1 to see how this whole party gets started and this event is starting off with a bang.  It feels like the story starts off in the middle of the event.  There are certain things that setup this book in other IDW titles like Zombies vs Robots and CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations.  If you aren’t reading those, it’s okay, IDW does a quick “walk and talk” to give you an overview.  But you still will be reading between the lines for some of the stuff.

Things begin when the government discovers a dimensional portal in the middle of the New Mexico desert which leads to an unknown world full of zombies that are ruled by a hive mind called The Undermind.  The Undermind sends zombies through the portal and they start f**king sh*t up.  Seriously, the zombies destroy everyone in the complex before the government finally is able to lock them down.  The CVO team is called in to figure out what this threat is and try to deal with it.  However, the team underestimates the The Undermind and nearly all of them die in the ensuing battle.

One of the group, a really hot vampire named Britt (insert right) gets bitten and becomes a combination zombie/vampire (ZOMBIE VAMPIRE!).  As a zombie vampire, Britt has immense mystical powers. For instance, she manages to infect a robot with the zombie virus (Yes, a ZOMBIE ROBOT!). Anyway, The Undermind then uses Britt’s dual mystical nature to open portals into four other worlds and send zombies and zombified robots to take over.  The CVO team manages to get the portal shut but they realize they must travel to each of the four worlds to find Britt and stop the Undermind from taking over.  One has to assume that each of the four worlds they travel to belongs to GI Joe, Transformers, Ghostbusters and Star Trek.

I won’t lie, it’s a very intriguing beginning.  The zombies are not lumbering and mindless.  The Undermind gives them intelligence and speed.  They are viciously lethal.

I hope IDW can keep up the momentum because this looks like it could be a lot of fun.

I’ll be sure to return here to review this event as it progresses to it’s inevitable awesome conclusion.

Written by Paxton Holley

A funny, ridiculously awesome guy who sometimes likes to wear pants, Paxton can regularly be found at his pop culture/humor blog Cavalcade of Awesome or co-hosting the Nerd Lunch and Cult Film Club podcasts.

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  • Strange Kid

    I had kinda lost interest in most of IDW’s titles to be honest, but this event sounds pretty cool! Plus, I’ve been hearing some awesome things about the new G.I. Joe storyline– where Cobra Commander got assassinated– that’s crazy! 🙂

  • That is crazy. Cobra Commander assassinated?

    This is the first IDW comic I’ve read, but it’s made me go back and acquire some of the old CVO issues to see what they are about. I look forward to the Star Trek zombie issues.

    • Yeah, they’re definitely shaking things up from the sound of it and I think that’s great! This Infestation event seems like a perfect fit for the Ghostbusters as well– can’t wait to see how they handle something other than a ghost.