Head Games: Burrito Bison (2011)

With a name like Juicy Beast, one can only expect something extra special special and the four man game developer team from Quebec, Canada certainly doesn’t disappoint. I recently became consumed with their latest game launch, Burrito Bison, which finds a luchador who finds himself pulled into a self-stylized Candy Land while doing a bit of grocery shopping. Within this colorful, candy-coated world Bison is imprisoned by an city full of evil gummy bears and must escape the only way that a 300lb muscle bound behemoth can… by opening a can of Burrito whoop-ass and stomping every single gummy-brained one of ’em.

It’s never really explained why these gummy bears have so much hate for Bison, but you’ll be having too much fun stomping those critters to really care anyway. I’m pretty sure that this game is as close to legalized crack as you can get as what appears to be a 15-30 minute distraction will likely turn into an obsessive compulsion 1-2 hour excursion into the sugar-inspired insanity. The said, the ending could have been a litter better developed to provide some sort of in-game comic book conclusion, but overall Burrito Bison will undoubtedly have you sneaking in a few silent-mode playthroughs when no one is looking (ie. teacher, boss, significant other).

Written by Rondal

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  • why did you do this to me!?!?!?!? WHY!!!!!!

    • Hahaha, so that I’m not alone in my madness. 😀

      Heck, I’ve beat the game already and I still hit it for a quick fix at lunch.