Printed Perversions: Milk Shadow Books

“It’s the last night that my elderly neighbor screams through the blinds what an inhospitable cunt you are and that I decide to leave the premises to create a new girlfriend. First I will need flesh… I will create something dripping with lust. I procure the shovel from an unlocked shed on the way.”

Monster Addict, A Velvet Epidural for Frankenstein’s Lonely Lad

For this edition of Printed Perversions I’ve got a double dose of “adults only” strangeness courtesy of James Adnre and his indie publishing front, Milk Shadow Books. You might remember Milk Shadow Books from my previous review of Yuck! Vol. 1-3, if not it’s worth checking out. Well, this time James was kind enough to send me complimentary editions of both the recently released Vol. 4 and his short novel Monster Addict for review and they certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact, Yuck! reminds me more and more of MTV back in it’s heyday with some really wild, balls-to-the-wall stories and artwork that reminds me why I fell into comics in the first place.

While the stories in Yuck! Vol. 4 are a little weaker than its predecessors there’s still ample enjoyment to be had in tales such as Anton Edmin‘s feminist bashing Degrees of Seperation and Ben Smith & Jase Harper‘s 10 Things I Want to Do Before I Die…. On the flip side, Vol. 4 does offer up some really nice artwork courtesy of the aforementioned Edmin, Harper and Yuck! alum Craig Collins in his tale Tourettes Banshee (with Iain Laurie) and Jacek Zabawa on front and interior covers. The one-syllabled Lark also manages to serve up some serious hygiene issues in The Snotty Vagina (not groundbreaking work, but it certainly lives up to the book’s name).

Cityboy by Anton Emdin

More impressive was Andre’s Monster Addict, which collects a series of non-linear, stream of consciousness type stories that each feature their own horrific monstrosity. With titles ranging from A Velvet Epidural for Frankenstein’s Lonely Lad to That the Tongue Will Taste, it soon becomes clear that Andre is channeling his inner William S. Burroughs while adding just a touch of Alvin Schwartz (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark). It take awhile to get into step with Andre’s alliterative-rich narrative, even the table of contents reads like a Jack Kerouac poem, but once you do you’ll become engrossed in the microcosms of vulgarity the author has created.

Monster Addict Cover by Tom Bonin

Likewise, the accompanying illustrations that precede each tale provide an appropriate bookmark of the insanity that will ensue. Most notable amongst these portraitures is the work of Austrailian comic artist Tom Bonin, whose insidious illustrations not only cover the front and back of the book, but several interiors as well- Fly being perhaps my favorite of the bunch.

Editor’s Note: Although the new Milk Shadow storefront won’t be launched until mid-May, founder James Andre will be taking advance orders from now until then. If you’ve got yourself an “urge to regurge,” feel free to give him a shout at james.andre [at]

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