(Re)Animatons: Soul Eater

It’s been awhile since I’ve brought any anime to the clubhouse, so I figured it might be a good time to share one of my latest favorites: Soul Eater. Based on the manga by Atsushi Okubo and brought to life by Bones, Soul Eater is a story that follows your standard, Japanese case of cut-ups and malcontents, but each with a tongue-in-cheek, supernatural twist that makes the show all the more enjoyable. The show specifically centers on what it calls “weapon meisters” and their “living weapon(s)” at a school where soul reapers are trained. In this regard, the “weapons” can actually take human form themselves and even attend classes with their “meisters.”

As with the book, the show focuses on Maka Albarn (a meister) and Soul Eater (her weapon) as they try to reap 99 evil human souls before reaping 1 witch soul and completing their training. The ultimate odd couple, Maka and Soul Eater consistently strive to find a working balance in their relationship in order to graduate. Joining them are Black Star, an arrogant and over-confident assassin; Death the Kid, son of Death himself with a dangerous obsession with symmetry; a mad doctor called Franken Stein, an obvious riff on Mary Shelley’s creation; and Cat Witch Blair, a sultry and mischevious “good witch.”

I’ve yet to make it all the way through until the end of the series, but what I have seen definitely reminds me of a lighthearted Hellsing (another great anime series). Each episode does stick to the formulaic pattern of virtually every anime in existence, though the over-arching plot of ancient death gods, evil witches, and powerful demons provides enough entertaining mythological value to keep me coming back.

Written by Rondal

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