Mattel Predicts the Next Evolution of Toys?

I’m a little late to this party, but nonetheless it’s just too freaking cool not to share. Seems as though way back in 2009 when everyone and their brother was coming out with some sort of Avatar tie-in to placate the mammoth marketing machine of James Cameron’s blockbuster film, Mattel took the bull by the horn with what some might call a high concept idea. Apparently, each figure they released came with it’s own iTag Augemented Reality Card (developed by Total Immersion) that, when scanned via a webcam, would reveal an interactive version of the character that could shoot, stab, speak, and even learn new tricks thanks to updates released by the online.

Of course, the idea itself isn’t completely new (Digimon, anyone?), but it does blow my mind that Mattel was brave/smart enough to get something like this out on the market. If all those card games were half this fun, I’d be all about some Pokemon, Digimon or Dungeons and Dragons. More information on each figure and demos can be seen at

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Written by Rondal

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