Trade or Die: Monster in My Pocket Trading Cards (1991)

Welcome to the newest column here at the clubhouse, Trade or Die, where we’ll feature some of our favorite (and hopefully yours as well) trading cards and collectibles. To kick things off, I figured that I would start with one of my favorite childhood franchises: Monsters in My Pocket.

Truth be told it’s been awhile since I’ve given any thought to either the pint-sized monsters or collecting cards, but thanks to fellow club member Long Tran (who was kind enough to send me some as a gift- thanks again Long!) my interest has been reignited.

Each package comes with a set of 6 cards plus 2 stickers that form parts of a larger Monster Island poster puzzle, all featuring artwork by Jan Sheets and Jenice Heo. The artwork itself is uneven in terms of quality but stay surprisingly accurate in depicting each monster in the same pose as their toy counterpart (with a few exceptions). The backside of each provides your typical “stats” such as species, birthplace, a short description, and even has a points system (though I’m unsure as to whether this was part of a game or not). Depending on the point value, each card also had a specific border on its backside.

There was also an offer on the package to join the Monster in My Pocket Collector’s Club which promised a membership card, wall certificate, mysterious monster game, sticker sheet, monster tote bag, and two newsletters all for a scant 5 bucks. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for a MIMP fan (or “Monster Maniac” as the package calls them), but I wonder how much (if any) of those promises were upheld. I almost want to send in a check to the address on the package to see what comes back.

Written by Rondal

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