New ‘Thundercats’ Animated Series Artwork Revealed! HO!

Lion-OEver since some unofficial photos of the new Thundercats cartoon by Japanese animation house STUDIO 4C leaked from the London Toy Fair yesterday, the internet has been abuzz with news of the Tcats’ new look and generating speculation on either how awesome or terrible the show will be. Personally, I can’t judge an entire animated series based on one image alone and, for the most part, I kinda like the new character designs. Most of all Panthro looks like a real bad*ss here and he’s the character I probably liked the least in the original series despite having cool nunchucks like Micheangelo.

It got me thinking about some of the million of other possible re-inventions of the Thundercats I’ve seen, namely the work of Sean “Cheeks” Galloway who also worked on the latest Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon and LeSean Thomas who got so far as to do officially commissioned concepts for a scrubbed Tcats reboot back in 2006. So, I decided to share some of my favorite fanart here with you guys. What’d you think, would any of these have been bettter than what’s above? Worse? Got favorites of your own?

LeSean Thomas

Thundercats - LeSean Thomas


Coran “Kizer” Stone

Eric Guzman

Sean “Cheeks” Galloway


Written by Rondal

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  • While all of the pictures above seem to be from talented people, I don’t really like them. The one by Coran “Kizer” Stone, is awesome! I don’t think that the new cartoon looks too bad. I will support it. The leaked photos of the new toys are sweet! The new Thunder Tank looks just as good as the original. If you haven’t seen them yet, I’d recommend looking them up. I will be buying what ever I can get my hands on, when the new toy line is released.

    Speaking of toys…when are you going to do some more retro toy reviews? That is my favorite part of this club! Let me know if you need suggestions.

    • Strange Kid

      The new toys are pretty sweet, at least what I could see of them. I definitely want one of those Sword of Omens for the clubhouse. 🙂

      We should have some new editions of Toychest Time Machine ready very shortly, but we’re always open to suggestions and Guest Posts if you have a few ideas you’d like to share. I definitely like hearing feedback like this and even more than that getting visitors like yourself involved so definitely drop me a line.

  • I’ve never understood the appeal of Thundercats when I was a kid and now it seems really “Furry” oriented, which just seems kinda creepy to me. And not in a good way. The more catlike look in the new designs seems to be accentuating the furryness of the whole thing.

    • Hahaha. That is true, they do have more of a “furries” feel to them now. I don’t know, maybe it was the whole fantasy angle that got me hooked (like in He-Man), but I’d rather watch an episode of Thundercats over Silverhawks or Transformers anyday.