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Disney’s ‘Prep & Landing’ Operation: Secret Santa

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December 14, 2010


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Wanye and Lannie

Okay, so I admit it. Somewhere buried deep within my horror-loving core I’ve some fragment of spongy, soft goodness. One of the things that brings this out is cartoons, which remind me of simpler times before “real” life kicks in somewhere around 25 or so. The other emotional trigger is animated Christmas specials (sensing a pattern here?). So, when I found out that Disney had created a short follow-up to last year’s Prep & Landing special I admit that I did a fist pump of excitement.

Granted, 7 minutes isn’t really long and the entire premise would probably make the best kid-friendly Christmas film since The Santa Clause, but its certainly better than nothing. To sweeten the deal it even stars Betty White as Mrs. Clause… come on, Betty White! Grab you hot cocoa and get your “kringle” on, you know that inner kid inside you wants to.

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  • Dex1138

    I really like what they done with this..series? Can you call it a series..franchise..whatever.
    I like it!
    I really enjoy the clever writing and how they tie everything into the holiday with the code names, gadgets and such.
    Now if we could just get a Halloween equivalent :D

  • Strange Kid

    Same here. Let's hope it becomes a franchise. ;)

    I heard that there was a sequel planned, but I'm not sure if this was it or if there's something larger in the works. Fingers crossed we get a big screen premiere next year. Here's looking at you Lassetter.

  • awkward posture

    Dude, I LOVE Prep and Landing. Paisley watches it every day. I would love to own it on DVD.